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DDs and DLDs

Daily Deviations:
The MachineI. Terric struggled to keep his eyes focused on the board, his head threatening to fall onto his desk if his arm ceased holding it up. He checked his watch. It ticked away, sleepily, and he found himself mesmerized by its exposed, moving gears. It had once belonged to his father; his mind floated back to childhood memories. History class was boring. Pointless. Every year the material was the same. The teen adjusted his round spectacles as he feigned watching the teacher, his thoughts elsewhere.
Galactic History, they said, was now too expansive for mere students to grasp, so the public schools now settled to regurgitate the story of the Harmonian colonies. The solar system of Harmonia was discovered by a team of heroic adventurers in 3027, and colonized by the countries of the planet Earth as a diplomatic gesture after their fifth world war, and the very diplomatic and peaceful and benevolent Interplanetary Fleet governs the colonies... etcetera, etcetera. It felt more like propaganda

Daily Lit Deviations:
i saw stars in your eyesi saw stars in your eyes:
and on your lips i found
the heavens, the
infinite expansion of
a cosmos in your lungs,
lush on your breath as it
my blood in a spiral,
the grand clockwork of
the milky way -- alive
at your touch, at the
taste of your fingertips.
moving in rythym as  
the tide shaking an ocean of stars:
a wave crashing down on
the sands of neptune's far shore,
a comet aflame streaks across
the night sky -- sighing softly,
our arms entwined in wonder,
a salty sea on our tongues.
we held each other,
we felt a planet in
revolution around us:
a sun in supernova,
blazing, burning from a
million light-years


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About Me

I'm Elliot! I'm a speculative fiction writer. I'm eighteen years old, a Ravenclaw, and I'm a student majoring in psychology at Stony Brook University. I live on eastern Long Island, NY with my three cats. I particularly like hard science fiction and dark fantasy. I attended Alpha workshop in 2013.

"You are a premium subscription to madness daily." -- HoboScone

Books: Ender's Game, It's Kind of A Funny Story, Brave New World, Girl Interrupted, Harry Potter, An Unquiet Mind
Movies: Gattaca, Crazy People, X-Men, Dead Poets Society
Television: Star Trek: TNG, Doctor Who, Avatar: TLA
Music: Muse, Anamanaguchi, Florence + The Machine
Games: Dungeons & Dragons, Magic: The Gathering, Pokemon
Other: Cats, tea, bow ties, the stars

my tumblr

I'm also an admin at Mental Health Advice.



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